Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I love Paris

I'm going to go shopping. I'm going to buy clothes & shoes, probably, & I'm also going to visit the Louver. & in the evening I'm going to meet some friends, & we're going to have dinner together in a nice restaurant.
well, I'm on business here, & I'm going to stay in a hotel in the centre of Paris, but I've got some free time too, so if I have time I'm going to visit some art galleries, maybe some museums. & in the evening I'm going to go to the theatre.
well, we're going to stay with friends here, & we're just going to relax, really. We're going to walk around the streets, sit in cafes, you know, drink coffee … & in the evening, we're going to go to a café or a club, probably, & listen to music.